• 24.3.15

    Pupils should be taught ethics

    kelakuan murid jaman sekarang fuih (EpicGifs.org)

    Has you guys get up early, preparing breakfast for husband, rush in traffic on Monday morning only to meet up with other people's kids who give their children to u, teachers who are not paid high sinetron actress like that?

    When the nearly 4 hours of empty class, I just wait until the buzzer call to go to class with the face turned fresh and natural as already too long wait:)

    And the first question after the children meet you with a sincere of best smile, they said:

    Miss, what time is it?
    Miss i want to go home
    Miss, i don't have to learn
    Look at this, another class has returned off.

    Dann kalimat 'Pulang jam berapa Bu, seolah membuat saya serasa di usir' No excuse just try it, make the powerpoint to much hours of learning materials that are interesting to them and borrow infocus as well as up the stairs with the heavy bags makes me feel appreciated. My body is indeed small, but that does not mean they said like that. However I was a teacher. Its not just the knowledge but i want to give 'sedekah ilmu' and to share the good ethics.

    I'm not complaining, I just don't think that I had finished school, did not dare to ask when hours go home arrived? Anyway their school almost every day. I assure you, all the pupils already know the schedule each and know when to go home hours right?

    Every teacher has their own style of teaching, some like much writing notes, there's a hobby to joke, there was a crush on his own, if I am not at all questioned the prevailing critical curriculum cz i have a formula, effective learning methods, easy and fun for teachers and pupils.

    Each teacher also has a distinct, there is funishment who likes to punish physically, mentally intimidating, to be honest, if I were advised for them, but if there has been no change. Then I resorted to cutting points of ethics because I assess students not academically intelligent for it, but it's much more important of ethic. Good ethics against her parents, Teachers and her friends. All reflected in the oral and the vagaries of the Ethics Act, as is the habit so we can easily assess the background of her family. In my opinion, a child was her parents ' mirror.

    This lesson is very meaningful for me to prepare to be a mommy in the future.

    My message, empathy to your teacher:)

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